Commercial Electrician Liverpool – Exceptional Electrical Work

Commercial Electrician Liverpool – Exceptional Electrical Work

You can put your trust in connex electrician Liverpool for your commercial and domestic exceptional work. Do not waste time anymore to find the experts for commercial lighting and other electrical fixation for school, office, store, etc. The connex electricians are qualified and having experience of several years.

We are providing quality service in the safest possible way for more than 40 years. Also, we have built trust over several customers, and they are taking our services for a long time.

We know that commercial electrical problems can be time-consuming for fixing and installation. Moreover, you could have a downfall in income and several other drawbacks as well. Our trained electricians will solve your problem whenever it is required.

Services Offered By Commercial Electrician Liverpool

We offer an extensive range of commercial electrical services, including:

·       All Types Of Lighting

Connex specializes in various lighting fixing and installation, whether it is for a store, office, display, warehouse, corners of the room, and more. Best of all, you can switch from the old bulbs to the LED lighting to reduce the energy costs and having a better light source.

Furthermore, the lighting experts will meet the requirements of the customers. In fact, we are providing a wide list of high-quality materials, fixing, and installing. Currently, we are maintaining various commercial lighting systems in Liverpool.

·       Commercial Lighting

\"CommercialConnex will install the lighting at any commercial place with the compliance of health and safety at work. Moreover, we ensure that all the equipment for lighting is working perfectly in your office, warehouse, and other places.

We are providing a wide range of electrical testing. Also, you will have satisfaction from our electrical work at your place. The experts will install the lighting in minimal time. However, the lighting fixing and other electrical work fixation timing depend on the issue and your area. In fact, we are providing the installation of lights in various sites. Below are the other services that we are offering.

  • Fire alarms
  • Burglar alarms
  • External lighting
  • Data cabling
  • Rewiring
  • Testing
  • Emergency lighting
  • New sockets and plugs
  • LED lighting
  • Wiring

·         LED Lighting

\"CommercialLED lighting is cost-efficient, and most commercial places have this kind of lighting. You will have a whole new layout of the lighting system. Also, we will provide the lighting in the corners, which are usually dim.

Best of all, we will provide the LED lighting at an affordable price. As well, you will significantly change in the electricity bills after the installation of LED bulbs and lights.

·         Emergency Light Installation

\"CommercialThe emergency light installation is another most needed service in commercial places. We will check what your concerns are related to the lighting in a particular area. Also, we will take care while installing the emergency light by providing the dedicated logbook. So you can easily switch to the emergency lighting in the case of any emergency.

·         Domestic And Commercial Electrical Testing

\"CommercialThe connex is offering commercial and domestic electrical testing in Liverpool for more than 40 years. Therefore, you can rely on our electrical testing and get rid of any short circuits in the home or commercial place. Moreover, our electricians are qualified, and they can easily fix the most complicated electrical fitting. Also, you will get a quick inspection for the electrical testing at your place.

·         Electrical Rewiring

\"CommercialThe electrical rewiring service is mostly availed by several commercial owners. We are present an extensive range of electrical rewiring services, and we will also check if the present wiring is according to the standards of legal requirements.

Moreover, we will ensure that all the wiring is fitted correctly at the place and check the damaged wires, so there are no short circuits.

·         Burglar And Fire Alarms

\"CommercialConnex specializes in offering high-quality services of alarms in commercial places. You can have the small fire to the largest alarm system for monitoring the commercial system. Moreover, we are not limited to install the alarms from a certain company only.

Significantly, you can pick the alarm from any company that is right for your property. Also, you have to choose the hazard level as per the area. In fact, you can take suggestions from our electricians as well. Especially in the fire alarm installation, our electricians have vast knowledge, and you will have extensive action plans as well.

\"CommercialExpert suggestions for installing the fire alarm will be beneficial for your place. If you’re having issues with the current fire alarm, then we can fix that as well. Or if you are thinking of upgrading the older fire alarm, then choose an alarm with modern features so we can install it.

·       Electrical Switches And Sockets

The electrical switches and sockets are important in commercial places for the ease of workers. We know it is frustrating if you don’t have any socket to plug the charger of any device. However, we have electricians who can fix and install the electrical switches as well as sockets. In fact, we have trained the electricians to install the sockets in a few minutes only.

\"CommercialTherefore, you can have the new sockets in your place, so the system is not overloaded in one place. Furthermore, our electricians will help you solve the sockets problem individually, and you will have the most feasible solution at an affordable price range.

·         CCTV System Installation

The CCTV system installation will be done in a minimal time so you can secure your commercial or domestic place. Moreover, you can choose the CCTV’s of your choice. Our company will send the most reliable suppliers, and you will not find any other electrician company in Liverpool with such trusted service.

·         3 Phase Installation

\"CommercialWe are offering the 3 phase installation at any commercial place. You can call us for having the 3 phase installation in very little time. Moreover, you will have similar installation services with qualified electricians, whether it’s a warehouse, office, or any other place.

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We are offering a wide range of commercial electrician Liverpool services: electrical and fire alarm installations, commercial lighting, domestic testing, etc.

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